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09 October 2006 @ 10:53 pm
Blogging for Backlash  
Today is the day we are all blogging to try and raise public awareness regarding the British Governments intention to introduce the Extreme Pornography legislation.

I have to be honest the thought of this legislation being introduce really scares me. The whole process has been flawed, there is strong opposition to the initial response document, the wording of the document is highly emotive and there is no factual basis behind the reasoning for introducing such legislation. The thing that really scares me is if introduced the government will have succeeded in taking away a few more of my civil rights.

They seem to think I cannot make an informed decision about what I find offensive. Like millions of others I found their behaviour over the Iraq war offensive but that did not stop the government from entering into a war illegally. They seem to think I cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality. They seem to think this legislation will protect me from harmful criminals. You know those really sick ones, the ones that have always existed long before the internet existed. We already have sufficient legislation in place to prevent the real crimes that surround pornography and there is sufficient evidence about to show the perpetrators of the violent types of crime they are attempting to prevent will find their own images. Be it from art books, piecing together pictured from magazines, drawing images themselves or even the bible as Peter Sutcliffe claimed.

Sadly the only people that are going to end up being criminalised by this legislation are people like you and me.

I wanted to write something very elegant here tonight. You know something that shows all the arguments about why this legislation will fail but so many others have already done this you can check them out from links on here http://bloggingforbacklash.blogspot.com/. Please take the time to read them and be aware of the issues and help stop this law. For details of how to go to http://www.backlash-uk.org.uk

Thanks for reading this.

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Ginnyrosalee on October 10th, 2006 12:21 am (UTC)
I went through that 'I need to write something really elegant' thing too but I think you've pointed out some of the most relevant points - the lack of evidence, the way real sex criminals minds tend to work and the people who are most likely to be effected ie not violent sex criminals. Well said. :)
msdemmiemsdemmie on October 10th, 2006 09:09 am (UTC)
I wanted to go that route - but I think I was all *eleganted* out by that time.

I found it quite moving to read everyones thoughts through the day and last night - which was totally unexpected - everyone making their poersonal point was an unexpected bouns from my point of view.

Thank you both ................